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“After noticing so many women were remaining in unfulfilling jobs because they simply did not know how to find the next opportunity, Maureen Ballatori, along with her business partner Neely Raffelini launched 9 to 5 Project Career Consulting. […] “I love that my work supports women to help them realize their full potential,” said Ballatori.

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Neely’s resume writing tip: “Remember that the purpose of a resume is to get you in the door for an interview. You don’t have to write down every single thing you’ve ever done.”

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“Join organizations in your targeted area – MeetUp is a good start – and network, network, network,” says Neely Raffellini, founder of 9 to 5 Project.

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Neely Raffellini has worked in many fields, so she has seen a lot of what women face in the marketplace. She eventually found her voice as a resume writer, a job she has held since 2012, but these days, the Williston resident is expanding on that work, to help women who haven’t yet found their calling. Last July, she co-launched a new ventured called the 9 to 5 Project, the goal of which is to help women find new and fulfilling jobs.

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Maureen Ballatori and Neely Raffellini had been running a résumé service for five years when they realized that the market for such services had become saturated. So they re-tooled the operation to include not only résumé writing but career counseling as well, and with a specific audience in mind: women.

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When Albert Einstein allegedly said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, he probably wasn’t talking about your resume. But isn’t that exactly what most of us do? We submit the same dull, dreary resume to employer after employer expecting to eventually hit the bull’s eye and land the job of our dreams. That sounds like insanity.

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How to Write a Caregiver Resume
Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, you still need a resume that represents you accurately and shines a light on your unique skills and abilities. Although you can’t upload a resume to your profile, you can upload it when you apply to work for a company through the site.

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“What started as a resume refresh wound up being so much more! Thanks to 9 to 5 Project, I developed a much better understanding of the transferable skills I could bring to a new job. Neely helped me to dig deep and better define my professional goals. After working with Neely, I had the confidence to go after – and land – a new job in a new field Plus, I have a much spiffier new resume!” – Jan M., October 2017

“Calling all women who are looking for a job or are considering a career change! I wanted to share my personal experience with the 9 to 5 Project, which was recently featured in The Observer a few weeks ago:

As a stay-at-home mother to two children, I’ve been out of the workforce for eleven years. Now that my children are older, I’ve decided that it’s time to go back! The thought of re-entering the workforce after being out of it for eleven years seemed daunting to me. I had to update my resume and learn about current trends in the workplace. I didn’t even know what field I was interested in! The 9 to 5 Project had all of the tools that I needed. They will work within your budget, and the time and attention that I received was second-to-none. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs. Working with the 9 to 5 Project has given me the confidence and support that I need to re-enter the job market. I highly recommend them to any woman who’s considering re-entering the job force or changing their career. It’s been great having a “resume-wizard” and savvy cheerleader in my corner – supporting and guiding me along the way. Give them a call for your free consultation today!
– L. S., April 2017

“For over 13 years, I worked at a law firm started as a Legal Assistant and was promoted to Regional Facilities Manager. Then, my position was eliminated, and I felt alone and lost.  After it had sunk in, I knew I needed help because of being out of job market for so long. In my search for a new professional challenge, 9 to 5 Project came into my life.

From day one they were there for me with coaching and support, making sure I stayed focused and on point. They were always reminding me to go for what I wanted and never give up. 9 to 5 Project is present from the beginning until you land that job. I felt like a human being, not just like a number. They work by drawing from their personal experiences. They have been there, so the help they provided is directly from their hearts. They love what they are doing which is a testament to what 9 to 5 Project is all about. I signed up for everything from coaching calls to checklists – you can say from soup to nuts!

I am happy to say that their help allowed me to land my dream job and a whole new career path. I could not have done it without 9 to 5 Project!

Now it is your turn. You owe it yourself to support other women and do something for yourself. You deserve it! 9 to 5 Project will take you there and stay with you on the journey. When you do not believe in yourself or feel down, Maureen and Neely are right there and will believe in you until you can!”
– Lani M., Facilities Management Professional, February 2017

“I recently had the opportunity to work with 9 to 5 Project to re-write and re-design my resume. During this process I had the pleasure of working with Neely and Maureen. Neely was extremely professional in all of our communications and responded quickly to my emails. She took the time to answer my questions and ensure I had a product I was happy and comfortable with. She was able to turn my old resume into a streamlined, professionally-worded document that expertly captured my past work experience and related directly to my future career goals.

I got the first job I applied to with my new resume from 9 to 5 Project! I am extremely satisfied with the professional resume that I ended up with and would highly recommend working with 9 to 5 Project to have your resume re-written or re-designed.”
– JoAnne W., Human Resources Professional, July 2016

“Thanks to 9 to 5 Project, I now have a much more appealing resume, not only aesthetically, but also in the message it delivers. With Neely’s enthusiasm, encouragement, and attention, I was able to improve my resume, my LinkedIn profile, and my job search. Neely took extra time to answer my questions and also made time to look at my cover letter even though it wasn’t part of the package. I feel more confident now to continue my job search and find my next desirable gig. I highly recommend 9 to 5 Project if you are looking to revamp your resume and online presence, and gain valuable tips and advice for a successful job search.”
– E. F., August 2016