We had the nicest comment one day on our blog. It was from Heidi, who has this awesome site, Tons of Thanks. Of course, we had to ask her tips on how to write thank-you notes after job interviews (she has been writing thank-you notes for more than 30 years!) Please visit her site Tons of Thanks and check out her book A Modern Guide to Writing Thank-You Notes.

Writing thank-you notes after a job interview can feel challenging. We will start with some tips followed by a template and a few examples.

How (And Why!) To Write Interview Thank-You Notes by 9 to 5 Project Career Consulting

Job Interview Thank-You Note Tips:

The goal of sending a thank-you note after a job interviewer is to have another contact point. They may be interviewing several candidates and your note may bring your name back to the top of the list. Remember, to thank them for meeting with you first as interviewing can be quite time-consuming for those doing the interviews.

Even if you are no longer interested in the position, you should still send a thank-you note. Thanking them is polite even if you do not want the position. Also, you may cross paths with them in the future. How would you like to be remembered?

If you were interviewed by more than one person, send a separate note to each individual. Make the note a bit different to each recipient. The notes will lose meaning if three people receive the same note and compare them and discover they were identical.

You’ll want to mention something from the interview. This will help connect the note to you. Try to make this something unique to your interview and not something that could have been said in any interview for the same position. Anything generic sounding will not help you make a personal connection and will sound like it was copied from a template.

End the note with when you plan to follow up when thanking your main contact. State the day and time and be prepared to make the follow-up call when you promised.

If you are handwriting the note, plan to mail it the same day or day after the interview as you’ll want it to arrive as soon as possible. Handwritten notes may help you stand out as they take a bit more effort than an email. If the position is not local or you are not convinced that a mailed note will reach the recipient promptly, emailing may be the better option.

If emailing the note, send it in the evening or the following morning. An email will get there sooner and you can write a bit more since you are not limited by the space on the thank-you note card. But if it’s too long, it may go unread.

If you decided to type the note, print it, and mail it, make sure you sign your name in ink at the bottom of the note.

Job Interview Thank-You Note Template:

Dear [Interviewer Name],

Thank you for [interviewing/meeting] me on [day of interview] for [position/job title]. I appreciate the opportunity and your interest in me.

Sentence mentioning something from the interview. A sentence or two to iterate your interest and skills. [examples below]

I will call you at [time] on [day of week] to check on the status of the position.


Your Name

Here are some examples:

Example #1

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for meeting with me on Monday to discuss the business analyst position. I appreciate the opportunity and your interest in me.

The discovery that we both know Mrs. Jones was exciting. I loved working with her at [previous employer].

After hearing more about the position my interest in the position has increased. My skills with organizing and experience with [software name] would allow me to fit in with the team quickly.

I will call you at 10:00 AM on Monday to check on the status of the position.


Your Name

Example #2

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for interviewing me last Monday for the programming position on your team. I appreciate the opportunity and feel excited about the position after learning more about it.

I enjoyed your stories about the team volunteer events and agree that volunteering can be rewarding while helping with team building.

My knowledge of [list program names], will help me integrate quickly. I used [program name] extensively at [previous/current employer name] and could demonstrate some of the lesser known features.

I will call you at 10:00 AM on Monday, DD/MM/YYYY, to check on the status of the position.


Your Name

Example #3

Dear Mr. Smith,

I appreciate the time you took out of your day to meet me last week on Friday to discuss the [name of position].

Learning that we both what to [college name] was interesting! I got the impression that you enjoyed the classes and campus as much as I did.

The position sounded like a good fit for me. I enjoy solving problems and am ready to put my skills in [program name] to use. I feel that I could learn a lot from the senior members on your team as well.

I will follow up at 10:00 AM on Monday, DD/MM/YYYY, to check on the status of the position.


Your Name


I hope these tips and examples have helped you write a successful thank-you note following your interview. For more examples check out Heidi Bender’s job interview thank-you note wording examples.

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