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Founder Neely Raffellini in Iceland
Neely in Iceland

You know that one friend you always come to for advice? That’s me! In 2012, I started Splash Resumes. I am proud to say that we were one of the first companies to use creative resumes and I am always brainstorming unique ways to deliver the client’s message. I love working with people who are ready to take that next step in their 21st-century job search – using innovative and creative resumes, social media and personal branding techniques. In this market, you have to stand out and innovation and creativity will win every single time.

I work hard for every single client and hold myself personally accountable for your success. When you succeed, I succeed. 

Favorite Book, Movie or TV Show: Too many to name. 🙂 

Favorite Website: Buzzfeed and Barkpost 

Hidden Talent: Quoting “Seinfeld.”

Fun Fact: My first name is from a ’60s book called “Valley of the Dolls.”


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Neely Raffellini
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Neely Raffellini is the founder of 9 to 5 Project (formerly known as Splash Resumes), which provides women with the tools they need to get the job that they want. Before establishing 9 to 5 Project, she worked in public relations, sales and founded a number of start-up businesses. A proud graduate of Penn State (We Are!), she received a master’s degree from Duquesne University and studied at Rutgers University and the Rhode Island School of Design. She also works as a career coach for The Muse. Her future plans include finally watching all 100 of the American Film Institute’s Greatest Films and becoming fluent in Italian.