9 to 5 Project Career Consulting

I founded the 9 to 5 Project career website for the ambitious, empowered woman who wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I need a new job.” Our clients come to us for expert resume writing, action-oriented career coaching, and education on things like “How to write a cover letter” and “How to prepare for an interview.”

9 to 5 Project helps women get the tools they need to land the job they want. We support all women: from recent college graduates, moms, military veterans, military spouses, to any woman who dreams of a better 9 to 5. Let us give you the confidence to help you start living your dream! Work with us!


Cover Letter Hack E-Course for 9 to 5 Project Career ConsultingThree cover letter examples are included in this Hack Your Cover Letter e-course. We make writing your cover letter so easy, you will never dread writing one again.

Freebies from 9 to 5 Project Career Consulting

This FREE library of resources can help you take control of your career. Grab information on how to prep for your interview, how to leverage your transferable skills to change careers, a killer career checklist (and more!).

9 to 5 Project Career Coaching - One on one supportSometimes the most overwhelming part of your job search is figuring out where to start. Let us help you create an action plan for your job search so you have personal goals and actionable steps to move forward on the path for the career of your dreams.